“Build-a-Minifigure” Ljubljana edition

After a busy week in April, I drifted towards Ljubljana LEGO® Certified store in late morning hours. Time in the day to enjoy tranquil environment for browsing the shelves, chat with interesting staff and check supply of pieces in “Build-your-own-Minifigure” stand without distraction of loud children (some parents consider toy shops as play ground for their lively kids).

Today’s post could be addressed Don’t judge book by it’s cover, since three interesting examples of its kind accompanied me home.

Aunt Edna spends most of her days in the rather classic role of pensioner. She gardens, cooks, drinks coffee with friends, looks after her grandchildren and complains about “today’s youth”. Not a lot of people know that she is an amateur arachnologist and an enthusiastic sailor, who rarely goes anywhere without her pet Spider. What do you think her sailing boat is called?

Aunt Edna is ready for sailing.

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BMW R 1200 GS Adventure

Zverina has always been a fan of motorcycles. With friend Kostanj they traveled with Kawasaki Ninja 600 and visited a lot of motorcycle conventions and fairs in their younger years. In the meantime, well, they had to grow up. And tastes and preferences also change over the years. Kostanj decided to buy BMW GS and in purchase process involved Zverina, who was in serious dilemma if they’ll became bike brothers or just ride buddies. So Zverina made a compromise which enables him, to still spend his free time on two-wheel drive powered by his legs, ruin his joints biting in rock walls, playing with Zver, have a motorcycle and save 15+k.

He made the best possible move, he bought himself BMW R 1200 GS Adventure!

Because Zverina is beginner at assembling Lego sets, Wall-E came to his aid.

Ta taa – new toy is at home!

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