“Build-a-Minifigure” München edition

This should be my first post in this categorie. Every story starts somewhere, somehow and my started in Lego® Store in München, entirely planed. Making a small detour and stop at Lego® Store when driving eight hours through Europe for visiting friends is almost mandatory, don’t you think so? This was the first time that staff in Lego store really annoyed me. Whilst mostly friendly and accommodating in this case all four asked me if I need assistance in just 5 minutes being there. I was the only customer at that point, store is not that big… So I hit a “Build-a-Minifigure” stand to make them clear to leave me alone. And so it started. Peace by peace, association by association and everyday life stories of minifigures came to light.

Have you ever wondered what happened to school mates from Black Widow, why eat at Medieval Fair or how to get away from a shark attack? Here are some ideas.

After intensive long lasting rigorous training of manipulation and murder in Russian school for sleeper agents Dame decided, that she doesn’t want to be a marionette in political intrigues. So she put her talents and skills to her own use. She is a distinguished member of elite assassins. Favourite targets: fake moralists and preachers. Favourite weapon: look of a Japanese schoolgirl and axe sharpened by blind monk. Favourite colour: bloody red. Hobbies: watching make-up tutorials, torturing animal abusers and learning Slovene (=Slovenian) language.

Medieval Fairs are a feast for our senses. If you’re in a dilemma what to eat after a Halberd fight, or you are just indecisive, this lovely food taster maiden will be happy to help. At the moment she is excited over coffee potion and boars tripe filled with chestnut cream. Feeling a bit peckish already?

Dress to impress they say, but in this case, she oozes style that always goes with a smile. She rides the waves with skills, but when in doubt, she paddles out. And when she’s a mark for a shark, well, she knows how to bark. At shark.

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